Prior to the holiday weekend, Shy Glizzy reportedly had his chain snatched by a couple of local rappers in Memphis. The DMV rhymer recently went on Twitter to addressed the alleged robbery incident.

In a series of tweets, some of which has been deleted from his timeline, Glizzy said that he wasn’t robbed of his chain.

"I slip'd up and got comfortable but that come from tha amount of love I show other n----z. never again," he tweeted (according to HipHopDX). "N----z got tha chain off tha floor. that ain't no robbery, that's a hoe move."

The 2015 XXL Freshmen alum also tweeted that those who took his chain has karma coming to them. "What goes around comes around," he wrote. "For every action, there's a reaction...chain-reaction!"

The two alleged culprits, Big Mota and Dmuney Stacks, continue to taught Glizzy with his chain and have tweeted subliminal threats to the "Awesome" rapper.

Hopefully, this situation can be resolved without any getting hurt.

In the meantime, Shy Glizzy is currently working on his forthcoming project, Still Tha Streets Hottest Youngin.

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