In the visuals, Brunson takes on the role of the Grammy-winning songstress, wearing a wig of blonde hair and showing off a wall of plaques. As the video commences, Brunson appears as Beyonce, overlooking a lake, which she claims to own.

"This is where I live, this is my lake," she states. "I own all of that. All those houses over there, I own that too. You hear those birds chirping, I own them."

She addresses the relationship with Beyonce's estranged father and even takes some jabs at Rihanna. "RiRi honey, I can see your tracks all the way from here," Brunson sings to the tune of the singer's hit, 'Love on Top,' which appeared on her '4' album.

Then there's the Destiny's Child shout-outs -- "This is how many awards I got with Destiny's Child" -- as two awards are shown, however, she makes sure to point out all of the accolades she's achieved without their help -- "And this is how many awards I've gotten without them because I'm Beyonce" -- as a wall full of legit music industry plaques are shown.

Baby Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z's unfatherly duties and fake tears are all included.

Watch 'S--- Beyonce Says'

Watch Beyonce Step Out With Blue Ivy Carter for the First Time

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Leaving Sant Ambroeus Restaurant With Blue Ivy.

Watch Beyonce's 'Love on Top (Live From Roseland)' Video
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