America is still reeling from the Baton Rogue shooting that left three officers dead, two injured and one fighting for his life. A lone gunman, identified as Gavin Eugene Long, who committed the heinous act, was killed during his gun battle with authorities.

Baton Rouge, La. natives Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates offered their thoughts on the tragedy that happened in their beloved city.

Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman also shared his opinion on social media as well. The 43-year-old singer, who just released "How Many More?" in response to shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, feel that violence against the police is not the solution to the ongoing tension between the black community and police.

"It's uncalled for. That's not the right path to what we are trying to get to. It endangers more innocent people," he said of the shooting. "I understand that are a lot of people are angry - I'm angry - there are a lot of people that are upset. But there's a way to channel the anger and do things the right way."

"My heart goes out to the policemen who lost their lives in Baton Rouge," he continued. "But To the brothers and sisters out there who are anger and are fueled by their anger, this is not the way. If anything you are endangering yourself and endangering your loved ones."

In other videos, Stockman defends Black Lives Matter and repeated his mantra that violence against police is not the answer. Instead, the singer urges peace as activist continue the fight for social justice.

"All of the folks who are fighting the good fight, god bless you - whether you are black or white - I commend you" he said. "Keep doing what you are doing and hopefully the right people will hear us. Because there's still lack of acknowledgement that needs to be altered about what's been going on. Until that changes we gotta keep doing what we got to do."

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