We are just two days away from watching Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow) make his television acting debut on CSI: Cyber, a tech spin-off of CBS’ long-running forensics drama. The rapper-actor has posted a few clips from the series to get fans ready for the big premier.

Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette leads the cast of crime fighters in the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI. Along with Moss, veteran actors James Van Der Beek and Peter MacNicol also co-star in the series.

On the show, Moss plays former hacker named Brody "Baby Face" Nelson, who joins the team after getting caught illegally wiring millions of dollars into his bank account. Although he’s garnered the trust of his superior, there are other members on the team who are leery of him.

In the series opener, the cyber team investigate a kidnapping case involving a hacked baby monitor.

CSI: Cyber will premiere on CBS on March 4 at 10PM ET. Follow Moss on his Instagram for more previews of the series. Check out the videos below.

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