Though they tend to take themselves a little too seriously, fashion bloggers are the perfect targets for some good-natured lampooning. The Tumblr "Sh-t Bloggers Wear' features drawn renditions of some of the most popular items fashion bloggers wear and the trends they fall victim to.

Portland-based digital strategist and fashion trend watcher Cecilia Doan took it upon herself to create the blog and draw all of the "special" items that are all the rage among bloggers these days. #PYREX shirt? Check. Kenzo tiger sweashirt? Check. That Samsung Galaxy S4 you were gifted just 'cause? Yeah, they've got that too. Check out Ms. Doan's words about the blog and some of the sketches below.

A collection may have many looks but all the hot fashion bloggers have “the one” item.

Follow along, submit things you’ve seen trend on the blogs and I may sketch it up for SBW.

Don’t be shy, we’re all guilty.

The title “Shit Bloggers Wear" is a derivative of the meme and viral video series, "Shit Girls Say" and by no means refers to the quality of items represented here.