Sean Paul's ode to bad girls who need a, um, spanking, 'Entertainment,' is now home to another show-stealing guest verse from Nicki Minaj on this newly released remix.

Although seeing the names Juicy J and 2 Chainz on here might pique your interest, the two hilariously turnt-up rappers are actually featured on the original track. And not only that, but they haven't contributed anything new to this re-up, meaning it really was up to the Young Money rapper to deliver something worth hearing 'Entertainment' again -- to be fair, Chainz and Juicy do kill their verses, it just would have been great to hear something new.

Thankfully, Minaj comes through and rips apart the bass-heavy, trunk-rattling production with quotable after quotable and so much s--t-talking that you might not be able to keep up. She tells her man to make her a "sammich," picks pockets to buy her and her team a trip to Paris, and references Miguel's infamous Billboard Music Awards leg drop. Yeah, she's not messing around.

You can listen to the remix below.

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