After The Game called Sean Kingston a peanut butter and jelly-eating snitch, the rapper-singer went on his Instagram account and delivered his own slander at the Compton rhymer.

All of this stems from a beef The Game has with Meek Mill. Apparently, back in June, Kingston was robbed of his jewelry at a Los Angeles nightclub and, allegedly, Meek told Kingston that The Game and his entourage was involved in the robbery. Kingston called the police who then came knocking on Chuck Taylor’s door. This is why The Game is calling the Philly rapper a snitch.

Meanwhile, in a video interview, Kingston said that him and Meek were cool and that he put the incident behind him. This prompted The Game to respond with a very angry video on his Instagram account.

“I wonder how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Meek had to make your jelly bean-smuggling ass switch up on this Instagram,” he said. "When you know f---ing well that you got your ass robbed in the club, ran for all your f---ing jewelry and you aint do s---."

In response, Kingston clapped back with three more IG videos calling Game all types of batty boys and bumbaclots. "How you look beefin' with a pop star, n----?" he asks before calling the Compton rhymer "a hoe-ass n----." Also, the "Beautiful Girls" singer showed off his impressive stash of bling-bling jewelry.

We have posted Sean Kingston's angry IG videos below. We also included The Game's heated response as well.

Yep, this rap feud is getting really messy.

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