There's no doubt that TDE's label is stacked. And it seems that now SZA and Kendrick Lamar's label home is positioning singer/songwriter SiR as the next artist with the potential to dominate the charts.

He's returned with visuals to "Something Foreign" featuring Schoolboy Q, which dropped a few weeks ago. As per usual when SiR is involved, the track is banging, with jazzy piano-laced production aided by above-average lyricism from both Q and SiR.

"Never thought I could have it all/Then again I never really had it right/I'm moving through this movie like my life's duty is to live unruly you/Shoulda never introduced me to the beauty in the darker side of heaven’s view/Coogi fit her booty very well/Hopefully she never kiss and tell/Hopefully we never see the sun/Don’t try keepin' up, I’m on the run," SiR offers on the first verse before Schoolboy Q comes through with a mellow verse, bragging about his prowess in the bedroom.

As for the video, it's dark and hazy, matching the mood of the chilled out track. The song was initially released along with another mellow ditty, "Something New" featuring Etta Bond, which landed on our Best R&B/Soul Songs of 2017 list.

At the end of the clip, the date 1/19/2018 appears, alluding to new music coming from SiR. After releasing his dense, impressive album, Seven Sundays and two equally stimulating EPs, HER (featuring the standout track "All In My Head") and HER TOO (featuring "Canvas"), we're definitely up for new music from one of the brightest talents on the scene.

Check out the video above.

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