Schoolboy Q  has finally released the video for 'Collared Greens,' his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, two months after the audio came out.

The video starts out inside a house party, colors swirling and shapes distorting in a chaotic blur, reminiscent of drug-induced daze. At the party are the usual assortment of anonymous beautiful women, along with Kendrick Lamar, a figure in a Barack Obama-styled mask ... and Macklemore. The party scene is broken up intermittently with Schoolboy's face projected in isolation, multiplying in freakish kaleidoscopic fashion. Kendrick comes in and delivers his verse with precision, Spanish bars included.

The video closes with Schoolboy and his buddies outside at the pool, in a scene that has been replicated in thousands of hip-hop music videos throughout history: bikini-clad women dancing while men slap asses and look to make moves. Clearly, everyone is enjoying themselves, Q especially.

'Collard Greens' will appear on 'Oxymoron,' which thus far does not have a release date. This song does have the distinct possibility of generating some radio play, potentially enough to increase momentum for Q to finally drop this long-awaited release.