Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo discussed collaborating with Lil Wayne. "We got Lil Wayne to come in and do a rap on it," revealed Cuomo. "Any other rapper would've just done, 'Yay, we're partying! Let's drink and have fun,' but he gave it the edge I was looking for. You can hear in his voice, it sounds so dark, like he was gonna get shot or something when he walks out of the studio. So I was real happy that everyone involved got what we were going for." Apparently the last rap record Rivers Cuomo heard was The Beastie Boys' 'License to Ill' [RapRadar]

Nelly discussed his classy new fragrance: "This fragrance is designed to be the perfect complement to the lifestyle of the Apple Bottoms woman. It celebrates the diverse beauty and confidence found in the women who love my apparel line." Just kidding, it's for strippers. [HipHopWired]

told a little known story about his man Ol' Dirty recently: "He loved women, so you know, he just loved to go in. One of them joints, I think he might have been burnin' or something, or he had friction burns on his d---. He loved p---- so much, I seen the n---- rap gauze around his d---, just to get some p----, then put the condom over the gauze so his d--- was lookin' like, that fat, you know what I mean? Still f----d the b----, you know what I'm sayin'? He stil f----d her and s---. I got moments with him, that's just one of the little ones though. That's my dude right there. He's off the meat." It's the "off the meat" part that got me. [247HH]