Though Trina's rep claims she and NBA star Kenyon Martin are just peachy, his people beg to differ. "I guess it's finally ok to say why Kenyon left Trina. He was embarrassed at first and only told a few people but now he is talking. He said she has serious anger issues. When she got mad at him she would hit him. He let it slide 2 times. The third and final straw was when she slapped him and then threatened to kill him and burn the house down." At least she warned him. [Bossip]

The journalist who Mike Tyson beat up recently has finally made a statement about the incident. "Mike Tyson went crazy on me for no reason. I was respectful to him but he was totally out of control." respectfully followed Iron Mike Tyson, one of the most feared (and craziest) heavyweights of all time, who has tattoos on his face and served time for rape, into a men's bathroom and you're surprised that he mopped the floor with you? You so crazy. [CNN]

Director Paul Hunter discussed his new video with Madonna and Britney Spears, "I try to play opposites, when you have Britney in dark and Madonna in white...And then we see them kind of dance around the bed ... and you think they're gonna get on top of each other and do something crazy." Like make out at an awards show or something. Totallly unpredictable dude. [MTV]