The-Dream, who is about to "retire," ruffled some feathers when he claimed to have "made R&B cool again" during his brief career. "Everybody's kinda mad at me cause it's the last album," the singer explained. "I'm at my peak as far as what The-Dream is as an r&b artist, I made r&b somewhat cool again." It's not that cool. [BET]

Lisa Raye cleared some things up in a recent interview. "I feel that people have built a false perception of me and in actuality don't really know me. You need to hear the story from the horse's mouth and I'm that horse. It's power in sharing your message at the end of it all it's show business and I need to remain relevant." Two things- 1) why are you famous and 2) you're definitely that horse. [Bossip]
Eliot Spitzer's ex Ashley Dupre claims she's given up hooking for good. Instead she did a photoshoot for Playboy. "I had a lot of fun doing these pictures," said Dupre. "You're naked and you're in front of a bunch of guys – good-looking guys, too, manly men." That's nice. She also enjoys sex, because she's so good at it, but she's decided to go abstinent. "I love sex and I'm very good at it, but I'm saving that. That's for my future boyfriend from now on. And it will be fabulous." Sure it will. Ugh. [NYDailyNews]

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