The-Dream keeps complaining about the Grammys over Twitter. "I had to let my people know...I had to let 'em know it wasn't all to the good. I wasn't just chillin'," he tweeted. "The people that follow me, they really care about the movement. Not just me, there's a lot of great people doing great things all the time and they get looked over. That's why I put the thing about Kanye. I'm not on no Kanye, but when you bust your a-- and you know you bust your a-- and you don't get a look, then you're looking at people funny." Definitely not on no Kanye- he was nominated for 6 awards. [Twitter]

Tiger Woods did some soul searching, decided to quit golf and clean up his life. "After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person." Cool, probably you should start with cutting off your harem of skeezers. Just an idea. [Bossip]

Rush Limbaugh got loose yesterday. "I got two more stories in the stack today about how black unemployment is through the roof. Black unemployment is terrible. The black frame of mind is terrible, they're depressed, they're down - Obama's not doing anything for 'em. How is that hoax and change workin' for ya? They're all livid. I mean, they thought there were gonna be an exact 180-degree economic reversal and it's done nothing but get bad for everybody, but they're especially upset about it because they look at him as one of them, and now they feel abandoned. And I'm sure Tiger Woods' choice of females not helping 'em out with their attitudes there either." He's so sympathetic. [HuffingtonPost]