Solange sent some barbs Rihanna's way over her recent video for "Rude Boy," which Solange claims was inspired by her video for "I Decided." "It's flattering and frustrating when somebody does things u dif before way later. Well..... It's actually kind of funny," Solange tweeted. "Over and over. I think there's emotion behind it because if you have been considered, "weird, kooky," ect. scince u were a lil kid, & made fun of terribly and then u see folk who hopped on the "weird train" now that it's pop culture to be "different"'s innnteeerrreesttting!" Poor girl. [Twitter]

Hailey Glassman told a magazine that her ex-fling Jon Gosselin is "Hung like a nine-year-old boy...tiny, tiny, tiny." She also said she teased him about it, and said he'd never cheat because he was so small "in that way." Wonder why they broke up? [DListed]

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