Producer Scott Storch told Details Magazine exactly how he ran through his fortune in record time. "I was clubbing, drunk, and had more money than I knew what to do with," Storch confessed. "We'd be at a club and I'd decide to take everyone to Las Vegas. Do more coke, f--- a bunch of girls. Be up for two days and decide at 11AM in the morning to go buy a Rolls-Royce. I probably bought 10 cars when I was high." ...And suddenly we began to wish we were friends with Scott Storch. [Details]

Onyx member Sticky Fingaz explained his group's choice of hairstyles and gave a little insight into their formative years on Shade 45 radio show Lip Service, saying, "We had every f-----' hairstyle you can name, from the flat tops...I had corn braids, I had everything. So the last hairstyle was the baldhead...We was up in the mix I was doing acid at 15, going to the clubs and wilding out." [TeamYee]

As previously reported, Jay-Z addressed Kanye's VMA actions and called out 50 Cent for saying he'd have "blacked Kanye's eye" if he'd attempted to snatch the mic from him at his first awards show. "I think he would have done that if that was 50 Cent," Jay-Z said of his pal Kanye. "No one is scared of 50 Cent. I want everyone to be clear. No one is scared of 50 Cent." A) No, Kanye wouldn't B) 50 wasn't even allowed to throw a free show with Bette Midler in his old hood, so yeah, NYC's Mayor and a gang of Queens politicians say different. [BBC]

Miley Cyrus still reps her roots. " 'Party in the U.S.A.' is an all-American song, and so I come out tonight and I'm literally in a trailer park. It's a blinged-out trailer park," she told MTV News. "I'm like, 'This is to represent where I am from.' I'm so proud of it. All the girls trying to be Hollywood and stuff with their big glasses, me shooing them away. I love it. It's about my roots." Cause someone has to represent for the bedazzled winnebago's and all that. [MTV]

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