NBA rapper and Queensbridge rep Ron Artest recently discussed his "bad boy" image with Men's Fitness magazine. "When I got to the NBA, I always made a conscious effort to never change and kept my hood mentality," said Artest. The rapper/baller also found time to discuss his song, 'Workout,' which should really be self-explanatory. "I'm an athlete, and I rap. People ask me 'Why [did] you make a song like that?' Because that's what I do. I workout." Yo, that's deeper than rap. [Bossip]

Heidi Montag discussed her loving husband's support of her recent plastic surgeries, saying "At the end of the day we do share a same opinion: It's my body and I need to feel comfortable as a woman, as a person, and my inner beauty is always there and that's what's most important." Annnd that's why she took a knife to her outer beauty, cut off some stuff, replaced some stuff, and injected some other stuff. Nice! [People]

Burger King's president has made an announcement that, as a consequence of the recession, the fast food chain will now be selling cold beer. "That adds a new element to the Burger King brand," said Tom Forte, an analyst. "It also creates a different mystique for going to a Whopper Bar versus a traditional restaurant." Ah yes, the mystique of the Whopper Bar. That is so ill. Can't they just admit that we're finally catching up with the rest of the world, who have been enjoying beery goodness with their fast food since the dawn of time? [CNN]

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