Nicki Minaj has a thing for actors. Not only is she name-dropping Bruce Willis in verses and tweeting about treating Jada Pinkett Smith like a princess, but she recently revealed that she's feeling Charlize Theron. "She's a bad b--ch," she told People. "I think she's really, really perky." Well, that's a weird way to describe someone. [People]

Recently busted for possession of cocaine, Paris Hilton claims (via Twitter, obviously) that she's being framed. "These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel," she tweeted. "I'm not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth." We all do. Hold your head, girl. [ParisHilton]

Heidi Montag is an expert on surgery. "The last time I didn't wear tape after surgery, and my nose changed shape," she said in a recent interview. Probably could have been from the operation, but who knows. [Huffington Post]

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