Good news! Markie Mark might rap again. "If Justin Bieber asks me [to rap with him], I'll say yes," Mark Wahlberg said. "Only because my daughter loves him." Yes!!! [NYPost]

Bet you can't get Ron Artest's favorite movie. "'Titanic,'" the Queebsbridge repping NBA star said. "When DiCaprio is trying to save the young lady, that was dope. When she tries to save him, and he dies, that was dope too. That whole situation was tragic. When I saw the baby in the water, frozen? I cried a little, but mostly I was pissed. I'd just had my daughter, so when I saw that frozen baby, I was like, 'What the f--k!? That's bulls--t!' And let's not forget about Céline Dion. That woman is unbelievable. You know how much I love my music? Well, I wouldn't put out a song for 10 years if that meant I could put out a song with her. Her voice sounds like pure fresh air. It sounds like what it sounded like when the world was created." Let's definitely not forget about Céline Dion. [ESPN]

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