Rick Ross bigged up Raekwon to MTV (we think), saying "When you see him in the streets, you feel New York, he's got that s--- on his breath. Being a down South dude, when I see a n---- like Rae, them pure artists, them pure legends, they command that other level of respect." Yo son, you got NY on your breath. Binaca. [MTV]

Not to poke fun, but Martha Stewart is on Twitter, talking about her daughter's "hindquarters." "francesca either has lyme or possibly ate a spider that temporarily paralyzed her hind quarters- this is very weird, but she is feeling good" Slow down, Martha. What? [Twitter]

Randy "The Dogg" Jackson congratulated 'America's Best Dance Crew' winnders (?) AfroBoriké, saying "It was so close. I'm telling you, y'all blew up the spot. I mean the dancing, all the acrobatics, I'm like whoa. Incredible. I love you guys, much respect." Someboday tell The Dogg "like whoa" disappeared from hip hop vernacular in 2000. C'mon dogg. [MTV]
The New Boyz have a single out called "You're a Jerk," but they're also allegedly releasing 18 movies, 6 soft drinks, a clothing label, couple sitcoms, and their own flavor of Big League Chew. "We got three movies coming out. We got one about us that's like '8 Mile' or 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'' but it's about the New Boyz and it's called 'American Kidz.' Then we got one based on LA. It's got elements of 'Crash,' 'The Wire' and 'Menace To Society' and that's called '818.' Then we got the 'Jerking' documentary which is based on how jerking came about and where it came from and where is it leading to and how is the movement going. We trying to get our own juice in 7-11 and the gas stations. We want our own clothing line because everybody likes the way we dress so we got to put that out there. And we just talked to the creator of the Jamie Foxx Show and the Martin Lawrence Show and he wanted to do a sitcom on us, so that too." [HipHopWired]

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