Raekwon discussed the beef that almost split up the Wu-Tang Clan, saying, "When you look at us, you look at that typical gang crew. We a cult within ourselves. Just because it's 10 n----s here, it's really 100. We look at ourselves as a force of 100. We gon' go through that because that's what brothers do; they gon' argue, they gon' fuss, fight, whatever. But at the end of the day, it ain't enough to be caught up with emotions because emotions is for b-----s." So true. [HipHopWired]

You know who's got an album coming out? Heidi Montag, that's who. She talked with MTV about her new album, and one song, in particular, which we're hoping to avoid. "This song is about how everybody just calls me superficial and says that I'm a b---- and only about fashion and everything, and they don't know." Yeah, they don't know that you're also into valet parking, bottle service and tanning. Cause you're deep. [MTV]

Death Cab for Cutie talked about contributing to 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' soundtrack and how awesome all things 'Twilight' are. "I love it. I was at the premiere two nights ago and it was great. The movie is awesome," said singer Chris Walla. "There are a lot of shirtless dudes...When the shirtless-dude factor happens, it seems a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge. But it's a high beefcake quotient - an HBQ." Hmm. What about the HDBQ? Hint- the B stands for "bag." [MTV]

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