"I stand on principle where many people stand on money," Paula Abdul said, after quitting her show 'American Idol,' because the producers of the show wouldn't give her a 350% raise. [TVGuide]

Get psyched! MTV Video Music Awards executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic said of the upcoming awards show, "In "West Side Story...['Tonight'] is about the night of the knife fight, and it's building, building, building to that moment. You can use it in the exact same way with the VMA night. It's building, building, building to that night." Basically, knife fight, VMA's, same thing. Thrilling. [MTV]

"I just don't think you can compare when Matthew Rolston shoots you for Playboy. I didn't see her photos. I didn't know she was in Playboy," Heidi Montag said of nemesis Aubrey O'Day. "Well, tell her thank you for looking at my Playboy. Thank you for complimenting it. And I guess I'll have to go look at hers." We get it, you were both in Playboy. Why don't you both just go look at eachother's Playboys for a while and maybe the rest of us can stop hearing about it. [MTV]

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