Oprah made a much-publisized visit to the Marcy projects recently with Jay-Z. Oh they had a time! Now they're best fwends: "Oh, Jay-Z, my new best friend...He was so charming and delightful, and he smelled so good...And it's that kind of thing where you hug a guy, and the scent is sort of buried in them. When we went to the second location, I could still smell him on me. It was like, 'Oh, this is wonderful.'" She didn't have to bathe in money for a week! [MTV]

Young Jeezy
is a humble man, but he draws the line at not claiming credit for helping Obama win the presidency or making the economic downturn national news. "Before I put 'The Recession' out, you never heard the word recession on the news. Two months later, bam! Two months after that, we had a black president. You can call me a prophet when you ready." [XXL]

Young Money rapper/barbie Nikki Minaj broke down the meaning of her catchphrase "Harajuko Barbie" for the girls of the world. "I wanted to merge Harajuko with Barbie because all girls are barbies. We all want to play dress up, we all want to put on lipstick and be cute and sexy...but we're icons, we're moguls, we're all those things. So Harajuko Barbie, it just fit my personality and it happened to fit a lot of girls personalities, cause now everybody's a barbie. So shout out to all my barbies." [Vimeo]

Young Buck appears to have buried the hatchet with arch-nemesis 50 Cent, proving that he can find the silver lining in any situation. "I can't sit here and act like I never did sh--. I played just as much a part in it as anyone...but when it was all said and done, no one got shot." We use the same defense for work-related infractions all the time. [MTV]

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