Master P lamented Lil Wayne's failure to root for his hometown Saints against the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs last Sunday. "It's just disappointing to hear this coming from a brother who was born and raised in New Orleans, made money off his music representing the city of New Orleans, talking about it in his lyrics. I'm from Uptown New Orleans and I don't care who the Saints play against, how good the opposing team is, nor what the odds are against them. I would never go against my team, the New Orleans Saints, or root for an opposing team playing against them. We've been waiting to get to the Super Bowl for 40 years and if we do, we will celebrate in Second Line. I guess we won't be hearing any Superbowl songs from Lil Wayne unless the Vikings win. This is sad for the fans in the city of New Orleans because they really thought Lil Wayne was down. Most entertainers and athletes don't realize that once you're in the spotlight, you need to think about some of the things that you say because it will follow you throughout your career, good or bad." Yo, it's really not that serious P. [HipHopWired]

Tony Yayo pulled off a lil feat recently, dissing two former G-Unit members at once, while responding to an interview question about Young Buck's recent G-Unit diss tracks. "He frustrated. N----s know it's rough in the rap game right now, only the strong are surviving. Riding in nice cars, rappers are gonna have to start rapping for food soon...A n---a can keep saying what he wanna say, but as long as those checks keep coming for me, I'm good...He's broke, what do you want me [to say?] How you spell broke? B-r-o-k-e. What do you do when a n---a's on his last legs, don't have nothing, baby mom's all over the place, you was eating Olivia." Ouch. [VodPod]

Taylor Swift talked hip hop in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, and it got kinda painful. "The CMT Awards asked me, "Do you want to be a part of our intro?" and one of the first things that came to my mind was that I really, really want some excuse to be able to rap and go to the mall and go to those kiosk things and go buy bling and experience rapping in front of a car with spinners for the first time." Say real hip hop, real hip hop. [RollingStone]

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