In very important hip-hop news, Bow Wow talked about signing with Cash Money records on a live stream recently, saying "It's the triple threat -- Bow, Wayne, Drake. Its about to be real stupid." Hey Bow, your triple threat's got a weak link...can you guess who? [Allhiphop]

Lil' Flip discussed his forthcoming album 'Respect Me,' saying "Trust me; everything I rap about is based on truth. So when I rhyme dirty style about the Bentleys, the clubs, the platinum, the girls, my life's lessons or whatever, it's not bragging, it's just fact." We're not even sure where to start with that one. Wait, actually we do -- Flip, where you been? In your Bentley for the past three years? [USAToday]

Kelly Osborne is planning to go 'Dancing with the Stars' this season. "I wanted to do something that scared me, and I don't think anything could scare me more," she said. Hey Kelly, your dad used to bite the heads off animals onstage...ballroom dancing, really? [MTV]