As Jay-Z and Oprah's weird celebrity friendship/crush continues, the two discussed the "rap lesson" he recently gave her, and Jay awkwardly tried to explain to Oprah's friend Gayle, that Oprah is basically top 10 MC. "She's very aware of herself, and she's a poet in her own right. There's poetry in interviewing, there's a beat to it, in certain ways, and there's...poetry in everything," Jay attempted. "Yes, there's a dance! You're right Jay, it's a dance." Oprah chimed in. Ugh. [Youtube]

While Jay was chatting up Oprah, his lil homey Memphis Bleek reflected on just what went wrong at Def Jam. "It's my fault too because as well as I know these things [Def Jam's gross negligence], I never spoke up and said nothing. Then because I was unaware, you just be in the moment sometimes you just be caught up in the moment and don't speak a reality until it hits you in the head, you know?" No. [hiphopwired]

Heidi Montag talked to MTV about her attempts to re-enact 'The Omen' start a family with husband Spencer Pratt. "I think I was born ready. I'm very maternal. I'm very loving. I would be the best mom ever. [He feels] not quite the same, but maybe he just doesn't know he wants kids yet. I think he never wants kids, but maybe I'll have a surprise for him...He said, 'That's the quickest way to divorce,' I said, 'No, sucker - you'll be locked in. What do you mean?'" That's a good plan Heidi. Stick with that. [MTV]

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