Game questioned whether education is really necessary for today's youth, via Twitter, recently. "After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult? Cuz I swear I can't remember half the s--t in them History books, my writin still sloppy, & I aint seen a microscope since science class! Well, sex education was MOST definitely appreciated!" Yeah, but you got a butterfly face tattoo. [Twitter]

Former NBA player Paul Shirley had some choice things to say about why he refuses to donate to the Haitian relief fund. "I haven't donated to the Haitian relief effort for the same reason that I don't give money to homeless men on the street. Based on past experiences, I don't think the guy with the sign that reads 'Need You're Help' is going to do anything constructive with the dollar I might give him. If I use history as my guide, I don't think the people of Haiti will do much with my money either...Shouldn't much of the responsibility for the disaster lie with the victims of that disaster?" Nice. Can't imagine why ESPN fired you, Paul. [USAToday]

Now that Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy have squashed their beef, Gucci's man (sorry), OJ Da Juiceman discussed a possible potential collaboration with Jeezy. "Me and Jeezy, we good other than him clearing up saying my motherf--king name. Other than that I really don't plan on doing no work with him but other than that I'm gonna keep staying in my lane and keep my s--t OJ Da Juiceman." Oh. OK. [HipHopWired]

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