While E-40's beef with Biggie Smalls is well-documented, the Bay legend never really explained his side of the situation that lead to Biggie being "banned" from the Bay Area, until recently. "I think that they had got him hella perkin' out there," 40 said, explaining that the inciting statements Biggie made about him were likely taken out of context. "They was saying that some Canadian magazine was telling him to get hella perkin'. But, the truth serum come out when you drinking, you smell me?" He the went on to describe exactly how he got Biggie off the hook. "Some of my folks was out there and they got at him. They gave me the phone and I pow-wow'd with dude. Had to get him up out of there and told my dudes to back up like a sea crab. He went back to the hotel and got back safe. So, that's how that s--t went." The sea crab part is ill. [HipHopDx]

Lindsay Lohan recently admitted that she entered rehab to avoid jail a couple of times, "The second two times I went to rehab, to be honest with you, I had to go because it was a court thing. It was an obligation. I had to do it to stay out of getting any jail time. And I took responsibility for that," said the youngish actress, or whatever. She continued to say that rehab was actually pretty cool. "It was like a vacation. I love meeting new people and seeing what they've been experiencing. I met some great people." And that's what it's all about. [ImNotObsessed]

While some websites poke fun at Zoe Kravitz cracky dressing style, we think she's pretty cool. Here she is talking about her fashion influences. "My style is influenced by my father [Lenny Kravitz] - and 'The Little Rascals.' I watched it all the time when I was younger. It's the reason I love wearing clothes that are all tattered and worn." We feel that, our style is more influenced by the comedy of Gallagher and short-lived MTV show 'Undressed,' though. [Bossip]