50 Cent appeared on Tyra Banks recently to promote his new album, perfume and what have you, and he told that wonderful woman that he likes to walk around with 25k on his person at all times. Why? "I like to have cash on me, because it feels like I have money." Makes sense. [Bossip]

Your man Game really got his confidence back since Dre invited him back into the fold. He recently discussed the West Coast rap scene, and how they're all his family, now. "Ice Cube is the big homie, Dr. Dre, you know, is like the father-figure or like a big brother to me in Hip Hop, Snoop is going to be down with Game. Me and Snoop ride or die for each other in music or in the streets. He's like my big brother and he holds me down." Uh, yeah. Newsflash! Snoop probably isn't riding or dying for you in the streets, Game. [HipHopWired]

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert didn't "intend to distrespect anyone" with his performance at the AMA's last week, where he simulated oral sex with a male dancer and kissed a dude or two. "Yes, I think ABC was a little bit mad at me. I don't blame them. I got carried away. It was stuff that I did not do in rehearsal, so they were probably a little bit taken aback. They gave me a great opportunity to close the AMAs, and I would never want to smack that gift horse in the mouth," he said. "I think they were taking a leap of faith having me do that, and it unfortunately didn't work out as we all thought it would." Love how you're totally removing yourself from responsibility here, Adam. You mean "But then I simulated oral sex with a man on network television, and that's why it 'didn't work out as we all thought it would.'" [MTV]