Mixtape DJ Terry Urban's much anticipated project 'Southerngold' has suffered an unfortunate delay.

The mixtape, which pitted southern rappers over "remixed samples" of Urban's "favorite Santigold influenced samples and tracks" was scheduled for release on June 1st. According to Urban's blog, just as he was uploading the mixtape, he was hit with a cease and desist notice from Santigold's label, Downtown Records.

"I'm not selling this... I'm not making a dime." Urban said, regarding the circumstances around the delayed tape. "I'm encouraging everyone to BUY Santigold's album... and I'm helping to expand her fan base to new markets... in addition, none of these songs are as they would appear on her actual album... EVERYTHING is remixed and redone... so there is no competition with her actual in-stores album."

It's interesting because Downtown's roster is largely made up of artists whose careers have benefited from mixtapes and DJ's, from Spank Rock and Kid Sister (uhhh A-trak?) to dance producers Justice and MSTRKFRFT, rapper Mos Def, and finally Gnarls Barkley, who, it may be said, owe their existance to Danger Mouse's "illegal" usage of the Beatles' music on his 'Grey Album' mixtape.

"Is Downtown Records not aware of the influence deejay culture has made on Santi's career?" Urban continued to inquire via his blog. "It's not like commercial radio was embracing her music when she dropped. It was the progressive deejay, the same deejays who make remixes and mashups and support avant-garde creative music! It's ironic that Downtown Records biggest group was signed due to a project with similar ambitions... Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse with The Grey Album."

We're fans of all parties involved, and are baffled by the label's decision to risk bad press over a free mixtape, which only serves to promote their artist.

While Urban awaits his lawyers' counsel before making his next move with the mixtape, you can show your support for the DJ's situation by signing the petition here.