Sanaa Lathan is a woman of many talents. A day after her thriller, The Perfect Guy, was released in theaters, the actress dropped a smooth song, "Emotional." The song, which features Dej Loaf, is dedicated to bug-a-boos and "emotional" guys like Carter (played by Michael Ealy), the man who stalks her in The Perfect Guy.

"I don't really deal with emotional n----s," the actress coos over the Detail-produced track. She then heads into the first verse and proceeds to explain the annoying occurrences by the "emotional" dude and how he's far from winning her heart if he continues.

"Damn, why you call so early? / Always tryna check up on me / Silent on, and still message to me / If you keep it up, you'll never know me," she sings.

Dej Loaf comes in with the assist and throws down some cold rhymes. "You gotta understand this the life I live / Yea he your mans, but he ain't your friend / You be tripping off my homies, trippin off my fans / Baby you gotta chill if you want the chez," the Detroit native raps. She "can't let emotions show" since she's "tryna build my bread."

In an Instagram post, Lathan wrote that the song is sung from Leah, the character she plays in The Perfect Guy. The catch? This is Leah's "alter ego" and she takes on the moniker of Brown Sugar, which is also the name of the 2001 movie Lathan starred in. The single's cover art falls in line with the theme of the song by showing 13 missed calls and several unanswered texts from a guy named Kevin.

This won't be the first time Lathan stans have heard her sing. In the 2000 movie, Disappearing Acts, she belted out a few notes. According to Lathan's Instagram post, which shows her in the recording booth, French Montana and Detail encouraged her to get back into singing.

"Life can be amazing when you step outside your comfort zone sometimes and say yes. Who woulda thought I'd have a single out. It tickles me pink Hahahaha!," wrote Lathan, whose movie reached the No. 1 spot in the box office during its opening weekend.

Experience the actress' move into singing below.

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