The BoomBox recently sat down with Boston-based rapper Sammy Adams to discuss his upcoming album, I Wish, working alongside Pharrell Williams and his road to success. Amidst all his traveling and studio time this year, there's one moment that left a lasting impression on him: meeting his favorite MC Nas.

"I walked out of the Beverly Hills Hotel and Nas was right next to me," Adams tells The BoomBox. "I totally fanned out on him. He was on the phone so I put my backpack in the car and Joey my manager was like, 'Check your boy out,' because he knows Nas is my favorite. So I turned around and just stared at him, he probably could tell that I was staring at him."

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Adams couldn't wait for the Life Is Good creator to finish his phone conversation; he was too excited to meet him. "I went up to him and I was like, 'Sorry! I know you're on the phone. But you're the best of all time, my favorite ever. Oh my God! Crazy!'" he recalls. "I just asked if I could get in a picture with him. And I was shaking for like the next two hours in the studio."

The chance run-in with one of rap's greats inspired Adams to work even harder on his own record.

"We were doing really good work and I was already excited and stoked to go work, and that was just like the biggest inspiration... seeing him, and just like putting my arm around him and him putting his arm around me and taking a picture," the 25-year-old states. "Something as small as that."

But the opportunity to meet his idol reminded Adams of his own fans and where he's headed.

"It was also a wake up call to how fans feel about me," he continues. "People are always like, 'How annoying are meet and greets,' 'How much do they suck?' It's like, they don't suck at all, that's the best part of this job.

"Not only do you get to make music and travel around the world, you get to make people happy. You can change someone's day or someone's month just by smiling at them or pointing to them at a show when you say a certain line."

While Adams is busy crafting his forthcoming album and has a pre-album, OK Cool, to promote, he doesn't take for granted his ability to impact his supporters' lives. "It all started with a dream, and the fact that you can kind of make other people's goals and dreams come true is thought-provoking and just an amazing feeling," the "All Night Longer" rhymer shares. "It's very euphoric."

I Wish, Adams' debut LP, is due later this year via RCA Records.

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