Nas is always willing to join a good Top 5" hip-hop discussion, or, in this case, a Top 45 discussion.

The Queens vet posted a clip that he did with Mass Appeal, who requested his Top 45 hip-hop songs ever in celebration of hip-hop's 45th birthday. The names Nas dropped weren't very surprising—Slick Rick, Run DMC, Eric B. and Rakim all immediately came to mind, though he did seem to have trouble settling on one song from the artists.

" 'Children’s Story’ by Slick Rick. Wait, ‘Mona Lisa,’ Slick Rick. Wait. ‘La Di Da Di.’ Yeah," Nas said debating on The Ruler's catalog.

He also had a hard time pinpointing Run D.M.C.'s best track.

“It’s either ‘Sucker MCs’ by Run-DMC, ‘It’s Like That,’ by Run-DMC, pick any Run-DMC. ‘Peter Piper.’ ‘My Adidas.’ I’ma go with ‘Sucker MCs’ by Run-DMC. That’s one of the most important records. Ever. Ever. Ever," Nas said.

MC Shan and Marley Marl's 1985 classic, "The Bridge," which kicked off the infamous "Bridge Wars" into gear, also was at the top of Nas' list.

Classic tracks from Public Enemy and Rob Base and E-Z Rock were also in the mix.

"‘Rebel Without a Pause’ by Public Enemy. No-brainer," Nas said. "Eric B. and Rakim, ‘Eric B. for President.’ ‘It Takes Two’ by Rob Base and E-Z Rock. Rest in Peace E-Z Rock.”

Nas is set to release an album with Mass Appeal later this year. It'll follow his most recent release, Nasir, which dropped this past June and was produced entirely by Kanye West.


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