Sam Smith has given us heartbreak in the past, but he takes it to another level with his new video for 'Lay Me Down.'

Set in a church in southeast London, the crooner stands in the middle of the aisle with the congregation gathered around him holding candles. As the camera starts to pan out, we find out that he's at a funeral where the song becomes a kind of eulogy to the loved one he lost.

Darkness turns to daylight and we find Sam in the middle of his wedding -- leading us to assume that the one in the coffin is his late husband. Next, the singer is found reflecting in a pew about the happy memories he once had with his other half.

While he says that he doesn't necessarily want to be a spokesperson solely for the LGBT community, this video really makes a mark on what is going on in the world today with the same-sex marriage debate still a hot-button issue.

He shares more of his feelings about the visual, which he collaborated on with director Ryan Hope, on his Facebook page. Check out his touching words below.

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