Saigon recently revealed that Jay-Z took a bunch of the beats Just Blaze made for him, including the one that became "Kingdom Come." "Jay-Z was jacking for beats baby," Saigon explained. "We were working at Baseline [Studios] and we're like a close family. Jay would come around, pop up every now and again and me and Just [Blaze] were in there working hard. Just would give me a gang of beats at a time and every now and again one would come up missing. One I'd write to or really loved then the next thing you know, there'd be a big meeting and they'd say, 'Sai, we need to talk to you. You know that beat we had? The one you were loving? Yeah, big homie's got that now.' And you know big homie's Jay-Z. He did that to me about three or four times. 'Kingdom Come' was mine." Ouch. [TheUrbanDaily]

DJ Premier told XXL a good one about the time he met Biggie and Puff at the studio to work on "Kick in the Door," only to learn that Big was dissing his artist Jeru the Damaja on the song. "I was blown away by the first verse," Premo explained. "Second verse, when he said, 'Son, I'm surprised you run with them,' I stopped the tape. I was like, 'That's how you feel?' He goes, 'I told you I had to get back at your man.' Just on some real n---a s--t, I said, 'Go on and say what you have to say. I'm going to let that one go.' Puff was there. I told Puff, 'You and Jeru had your talk already.' Big interrupted and goes, 'Preme that wasn't a talk, that was an argument. Nothing got solved.' I was like, 'That has nothing to do with you.' He goes, 'C'mon man, Versace suit.' I said in front of all of them, 'Anyone has a problem with Jeru then you have a problem with me, so move on me. Beat me up. I don't want to get beat up but if that's what I got to do to show you how loyal I am to my team and that we're not dissing ya'll. You're making a big mistake if you do it.' I'll never forget Puff. He was there at Daddy's House like, 'Yeah, we're coming after Jeru the Damaja too!'" Preme is the coolest dude in rap. [XXL]