In a recent interview with MTV, embattled rapper Saigon addressed Prodigy's recent comments regarding their 2007 brawl at New York City nightclub S.O.B.'s, claiming the Mobb Deep rapper is attempting to build a buzz for his recently released tell-all 'My Infamous Life' by reigniting old feuds.

According to Saigon, Prodigy, who was released from prison in March, has played things cool whenever the two MCs have met in person, but continues to fan the flames whenever his back is turned.

"While Prodigy was locked up, they was trying to bait me into talking reckless about him. Every time somebody interviewed me, I had nothing but good things to say," Saigon said regarding the Queensbridge rapper, who served a three-year sentence on a weapons charge. "Then he comes out, not only in the book, but in an interview recently up at This Is 50, he's talkin' reckless again."

Sai went on to question Prodigy's motives, claiming that he has contacted him to record a song with mutual friend, producer (and Eminem's DJ) Alchemist, but continues to disrespect him in media appearances.

"That's why I don't understand. He's texting me sayin', 'I'm tellin' Alchemist we should do a song and just to squash the beef,'" Saigon lamented. "And then he goes, does an interview and starts dissin' me again. So I'm like, 'I understand you got a book to sell; I got an album to sell, 'The Greatest Story Never Told,' but I'm not trying to use you to sell my album, man.'"

Saigon concluded with a warning, advising his controversy-minded would-be rival to "downplay" their 2007 altercation. "I left it alone. It's three years ago, homey," Sai admonished. "I understand that people bring it up, it's newsworthy, but downplay it like I've been doing all these years while you been in jail."

Prodigy appears to have reconciled with fellow Queens rapper N.O.R.E., whom he repeatedly mentioned in his book, and whose partner Capone he has accused of being a snitch.

Prodigy's autobiography 'My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy is in stores now.

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