Producer-singer Ryan Leslie has announced that he will be releasing his third record 'Les Is More' using alternative methods.

The long-delayed album, which was initially scheduled for a July 4, 2011 release, was pushed back indefinitely, when Leslie declared via various social media outlets "I will not drop this album without a proper campaign!"

However, R-Les has since partnered with talent agency Baron + Baron to provide creative direction and packaging for his upcoming "visual album" 'Les Is More,' which will be released one song at a time over the next year. According to Leslie, each track is introduced in two parts, the first being a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the studio recording and the other a "paparazzi-style, documentary-themed music video that showcases the flair for life that is the inspiration for the album's stories of romance, travel and personal discovery."

While we're not entirely sure what all of this means, Leslie appears to be releasing the album independently some time in 2012. He launched his visual campaign with the video for 'A Beautiful Lie' last week, a stark black-and-white video shot against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, accompanying Leslie's shamelessly Kanye West-influenced rhymes. Check that out below.

For more information, visit Ryan Leslie's site

Watch Ryan Leslie's 'A Beautiful Lie'

Watch Ryan Leslie's 'You're Not My Girl'
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