Ryan Leslie is offering up a whopping $1 million for the return of his laptop, which was swiped during a tour stop in Cologne, Germany last month. The singer/songwriter upped the price after he originally announced a $20,000 reward, for the laptop's hard drive which contains his music. Leslie also put together a YouTube video, and accompanying song about the ordeal.

"In the interest of retrieving the invaluable intellectual property contained on his laptop & hard drive, Mr. Leslie has increased the reward offer from $20,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD," according to a new video from the R&B artist.

Despite the ordeal, Leslie promised to continue his European tour which raps up in London, Nov 15. "I keep my laptop, drives and other personal affairs in a black Incase backpack. In the 20mins around my entrance to club Loom last night," Leslie wrote on his Twitter page after losing the laptop. "I left the backpack in the rear driver's side seat of a secured Mercedes S350. The security drivers left the car unattended to escort me. Someone outside saw this opportunity to snag the backpack.

"For the record, I had so many amazing music & visual projects on that MacBook that I was working on to share with u this winter," he continued. Anyone with information regarding the laptop's whereabouts can email Leslie at RyanLeslieLaptopReturn@gmail.com.