Joe Budden and Royce Da 5'9" have a brewing beef that may prove interesting for fans of the two embittered former rising stars. The animosity sparked off when Budden skipped AllHipHop's NYC battle with Mistah Fab and Royce, and later remarked that the battle was "embarrassing."

Royce called Budden out on his Fab Diss 'Who Got Bodied,' and Budden responded with 'Thou Shall Not Fall' (Lost Boys sample, genius) on Mood Muzic 3, saying "Royce fell the f--- off, I won't mention him." But things didn't really heat up until Royce returned with 'Done Talkin,'' where he spit "I heard a well known f-- just took a jab at me/ Yeah, you already know what I do to fools/ So when I see you, I ain't gonna be in the muzik mood."Now that Budden's album has been pushed back, the 'Padded Room' rapper promised to "have a conversation with Royce, on wax, just to ask a few questions to the guy." Royce responded to this with the following video, where he laid things out pretty calmly, saying: "I don't want to have a problem with Joe Budden...If he asks for a problem, then I'll give him the most serious one he's ever had. But that's not what I want to do...I'm being a gentleman about it for the moment."

It's hard for us to decide where this is going, but since both artists have albums coming, we'd say it's safe to say all signs point to beef. Royce has been on a roll lately and Budden's no slouch when it comes to dissing rappers so this should be fun to watch.