The beef between Saigon and Joe Budden has been dormant since 2009, but it appears that Joey's fellow Slaughterhouse memberRoyce Da 5'9'' is not letting things go so easily. Seemingly out of nowhere, Royce just dropped a new freestyle over 50 Cent's 'Flight 187' that puts Saigon on blast, referencing an interview that the oft-delayed MC did last year where he claimed Slaughterhouse was OK but couldn't really write songs.

That said, Royce's motives seem to fall somewhere between friendly competition and legitimate anger. The original back-and-forth between Saigon and Budden was more about two rappers flexing their muscles on wax and there wasn't much indication that it would turn into anything bigger than a ploy to sell records and show-off some skills.

"I got the illest flow because I flow it from my soul," Royce raps in the song's second verse. "You said yourself you got the greatest story never told/ These n---- got the balls to say to say that I can't write no record/ But these plaques on my wall say that you should read the credits. Later in the verse, he continues: "Let's play some tennis/ Go back and forth, who winning/ You a given to a Koch deal away from finished/ F--- outta here with that/ Step your bars up/ Your s--- is garbage/ What you trying to kick knowledge?"

So, there you have it. Royce pulls out the big guns, mocking Sai for not getting his album out and then quoting Jay-Z's classic venom from 'The Takeover.' Saigon has yet to respond.