Royce Da 5'9 is starting his 2017 with some potent bars over Phresher's song "Wait A Minute."  From the very beginning of the over three minute-rhyme session, the Slaughterhouse member smashes it.

"You're choosing rappers you're friends with, who be rapping what their friends did / Toolie, ratchets and extensions, wait, wait, wait a minute / We done already heard their best s--- / We already got the message then on a lean, molly, Percocet trip / Think I found what real success is / Running around here since 'The Message,'" spits Royce in a voice that sounds a little deeper and raspier than usual.

Then later in the freestyle, the Detroit MC says he's out to demolish all rappers in 2017, which he stands a good chance of doing with lyrics like these:

"If I say it's f--- the world then the world's getting f-----, eighty million different ways / When I'm finished with it then the world's gon' get the AIDS, like some 1984 sex / This the traumatize your favorite rapper year / This the homicide related racketeer / All I'm trying to hear today is trap and drill / It's all downhill from here like Jack and Jill," he spits.

Listen to it below.

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