You can debate Drake's authenticity, but one thing that's hard to debate about him is his versatility. He can succeed in many genres, whether it's hip-hop, R&B ('Hold On We're Going Home) or pop ('Find Your Love'). But the question remains: Can he do bachata? OK, that's not really a burning question, but it's nice to know he is decent in that area. The Toronto rapper connected with Bronx, N.Y.'s Romeo Santos for 'Odio' -- which means Spanish for hatred.

Drake adds in two verses: one where he's singing in Spanish and then serves a rap about relationships. "Don't worry about it, he speak in Spanish / I get it, translate it, you know you're my baby," he raps.

Romeo Santos will feature a few other superstars on his upcoming ‘Formula, Vol. 2' album, including Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana and Kevin Hart. You do need Kevin Hart to remind folks you're the King of Bachata, right? Santos' upcoming effort arrives Feb. 25.

Listen to Romeo Santos' 'Odio' Feat. Drake