Master P's son Romeo has announced his return to music with his 'I Am No Limit' mixtape, which dropped Aug. 19, coinciding with his 22nd birthday.

The mixtape, which features Sean Kingston, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill and Lil Twist, as well as No Limit founders Master P and Silkk The Shocker, is an attempt at a revival of his father's legendary New Orleans label, which has been passed down to Romeo.

"Me and my family, it's kind of like a king and prince thing my whole life," Romeo told The Boombox back in June. "My dad was the king, I was always the prince watching every move, going to the business meetings with him. When he goes to the bank, I'm at the bank with him. I'm kind of learning everything as I'm going. It's just a natural transition for me; it's not like I was being pushed into anything."

While Romeo and his father are notable humanitarians, and have been involved with many charitable causes and benefits over the past few years, their philanthropy is largely ignored on 'I Am No Limit,' which is, instead, overflowing with gun talk and macho, Lil Wayne-imitating bluster, while originality is scant.

Download the mixtape here.

Watch Romeo's 'Scheduled Apointment'
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