Master P took a trip down memory lane, recalling the time he almost put hands on Kobe Bryant—that is until Lamar Odom intervened.

P shared the story in a recent conversation on The Red Pill With Van Lathan, saying he and the retired NBA star "almost got into it." The rap mogul said that once, when he was visiting the Laker's facilities, it almost went down.

"I almost got into it with Kobe before at the Laker's facility," he said. "Lamar Odom kind of cooled it off," P said.

He further explained that it was mostly a territorial thing.

"I mean, you know how Kobe is," P said. "The Lakers' is his facilities. That's his place, so you know. It was just one of those things."

While the situation never really escalated, P says it easily could've gone the other way because both men were really heated.

"I don't really have many words when it gets to that," P said.

You can watch the clip via TMZ below.  


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