Lauryn Hill is now pregnant with her sixth child, but upon hearing the news, her longtime partner, Rohan Marley has denied that he is the father.

Marley, son of reggae star Bob Marley, responded to a Clutch Magazine reporter's inquiries on Twitter confirming that he is not the father of Hill's unborn baby, and is also not married to the singer.

Just to make sure she got the story correct, the reporter reiterated that he was not the father of Hill's child, nor married to his ex-wife, to which he replied "That's correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary."

Realizing that his answer may seem elusive, Marley also lashed out at what he says are many false reports. "The thing is, I'm wasting time speaking about things that don't exist," he wrote. "Trust me, the info out there is so incorrect for so many years ... Thnx for Twitter I check a few things.."

Marley has since deleted the tweets, replacing them with information about his line of organic coffee, which is available at Whole Foods Market.

Hill and Marley met back in 1996, and had their first son, Zion one year later. In total, they share five children, the youngest of which is three years old. The notoriously private former Fugees frontwoman has yet to reveal the identity of her unborn child's father.

Watch Lauryn Hill's 'Everything Is Everything'

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