With MMG's new compilation album, 'Self Made Vol. 3,' fresh in stores, Scion A/V has teamed up with The BoomBox to bring you their interview with Rockie Fresh on 'The All Purpose Show,' their late-night-themed YouTube series hosted by legendary producer and hip-hop humorist Prince Paul.

The Chicago rookie begins where it all started for him: growing up in church. Rap music soon took priority, though, after a young Rockie heard Kanye West, Jay Z and 2Pac, whose music inspired him to rap about his real life. Rockie also discusses his triple-digit sneaker collection, drawing influence from indie rock and how his 'Into the Future' music video got him signed by Rick Ross:

It was super random, man. I put out this video for my third mixtape, it's called 'Driving 88.' The song's called 'Into the Future,' and I put out a video for it, I had like the DeLorean in it and it was the Back to the Future Nike's and all of that. I guess he had saw it. His A&R Spiff, who shoots a lot of his videos, saw the video on a blog and passed it on to him. And then he hit me up on Twitter and was like, 'Ross wants to meet you this week.' And I just was super surprised, I didn't even think it was real. They flew me out to L.A. and we just kicked it, and that's how it started.

Speaking of 'Into the Future,' Rockie later tells Paul the video earned him access to a DeLorean factory in Illinois! Enjoy the full interview below.