Robin Thicke's new video for 'Pretty Lil' Heart,' off his fifth LP, 'Love After War,' finds him collaborating with Young Money head honcho Lil Wayne as he explores more than one woman's body.

The Marc Klasfeld-directed visuals commence with the R&B crooner wandering around in front of a motel in the desert. As he lies down beside a toy monkey playing the cymbals, the cinematic sounds of old time movies echos before Wayne jumps on the beat.

"This is for the lovers and the sexy motherf---ers/ Love is in the air, I pray I do not suffer/ ...Lights dim, candles lit/ She says Weezy flush me harder, I say, 'Ooh, you the s---," he rhymes.

When Thicke jumps in on the track, he's playing a piano in a lounge on center stage. "Tell me something sweet, tell me something nice/ Tell me something good, baby, tell me it's alright/ Tell me that you love me, tell me you'll be there/ I get so worried sometimes the world will not be there," he croons.

Throughout the video, the L.A. native gets close to a handful of women, all while reminding them not to worry their "pretty lil' heart" because he's a one-gal kinda guy.

'Love After War' was released in December 2011.

Watch Robin Thicke's 'Pretty Lil Heart' Video