We all know that Rihanna is uninhibited and loves to show off her slim, tattooed figure. But the R&B superstar is pushing the envelope with her titillating new cover for Lui magazine.

As you can see in the cover image above, shot by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti, the 'Pour It Up' singer is semi-nude except for a bucket hat, a gold body chain and bikini bottom. We must also mention the hardware piercing through one of RiRi's nipples (which we had to edit to make a little more safe for work viewing). Ouch!

Lui is a French adult entertainment magazine, roughly in the same league as Playboy except they allow full nudity on their covers. The editors at Playboy must be kicking themselves right now.

But that’s not all.

Rihanna also posted more nude photos from her shoot on her Instagram page. Unfortunately, she deleted them -- most likely because Instagram doesn’t allow nude photos.

In one of the bootylicious photos, an oiled-up RiRi is sitting on a diving board wearing only a fishnet bikini bottom. "LUI. there was 1 rule to this shoot...TAN LINES!!!! Thank you," she wrote in the caption.

If you want to see the rest of the now-deleted Instagram photos, click here.

Of course, we shouldn’t be so surprised by all of this. On Monday (April 28), Rihanna revealed some of her topless shots she did for Vogue Brazil.

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