We all know that Rihanna is not afraid to show off her svelte, tattooed body but this is taking it to the extreme. The Bajan singer was photographed wearing a bra top and no panties at a photo shoot for a French magazine.

TMZ posted over 70 photos of RiRi on a balcony with her head down and her naked butt high in the air. The photos also reveal that Rihanna has tan lines near her bikini bottom area. Amazingly, the uninhibited artist stood in that pose for what seemed like forever until the photographer got the right shots he needed.

At one point, the 26-year-old songstress seemed to have spotted the paparazzi and continued on with the shoot unfazed and with a smile. What a trooper!

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has bared all for a magazine. In January, she posed for several racy photos for Vogue Brazil. During that shoot, she walked around topless with tape barely covering her nipples. So it appears that going bottomless isn't much of a bother for her either.

We wonder how her rumored boyfriend Drake feels about her steamy photo shoot? Well, Rihanna started from the bottom and now she’s at the top of her game -- head down, ass up that is, according to these photos.

Check out Rihanna’s sizzling-hot photos by clicking below.