Selfie queen Rihanna posted some revealing photos on Instagram that shouldn’t get her in too much trouble this time. After her controversial photo shoot in Dubai, RiRi went to Greece for another round of hot pics.

The Bajan beauty posted nine photos of herself posing by the pool in a tiny leather two-piece bikini. The outfit leaves little to the imagination and reveals the 'Stay' singer’s tattoos.

In a few of the pics, Rihanna playfully holds a pink carnation in her mouth. In another photo, the R&B singer does a handstand while wearing Visvim shoes with her mane of black hair covering her face.

Props to photographers Gomillion & Leupold for capturing Rihanna’s slender body amid a sunny backdrop on a gorgeous day.

In the meantime, Rihanna will premiere her new reality competition show 'Styled to Rock' today (Oct. 25) at 8PM ET on Bravo.