Rihanna is causing quite a stir with her Instagram photos as usual. Over the weekend, the R&B singer posted selfies of herself at a mosque in Dubai. What we didn't know was that RiRi got kicked out soon after taking the images.

The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center issued a statement on Sunday (Oct. 21), insisting they didn't allow "a singer" to conduct an impromptu photo shoot at their temple.

In the photos, RiRi is fashionably dressed from head to toe in black. She wears a headdress -- as required by female visitors attending the mosque -- and a luxurious gold chain. Although she was fully covered, snapping photos without permission from the mosque's management is a no-no.

According to gulfnews.com, Rihanna was escorted to the visitor's entrance, but instead, she stayed outside to shoot the photos and was reportedly asked to leave once management realized that the singer's poses didn't fit with the sanctity of the temple.

The Bajan beauty's photos have also sparked outrage from people on social media.

One fan wrote on 7 Days Dubai's Facebook page that the photos were disrespectful of the “highest order to Allah’s house." Another commenter moaned, "I wish she took random pictures of her touring ‘walking through or admiring’ the mosque. Posing, or should I say photo shoot, seems a little bit off.”

However, some felt that Rihanna's photos weren't offensive since she was fully covered.

“What is offensive about them?" asked Nasif Kayed, a cultural expert and columnist. "I’m sure that she was given the permission to be photographed in the manner in which she was. While each and all has their own opinion, in my opinion nothing in the photos is offensive.”

What do you think? Did Rihanna violate the sacred grounds of the mosque with her fashion photos? Take a look at them and tell us in the comments below.